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Healthy You Ltd is an innovative Health Psychology practice with over 80 years combined experience in delivering psychological interventions, research/consultancy projects, workshops, and training. Our academic and clinical expertise enables us to provide high quality, creative and effective psychological services to clients, health professionals and the public. Each member of the team have their own areas of expertise across clinical practice, research, and training.

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Fabulous, dedicated, prize- and scholarship-winning student and an important PhD topic: Liz is crowdfunding to support her PhD about perinatal suicidal thoughts - please read and pass on:
Me and my mental health: 'I felt suicidal after I had my baby'

First thoughts after birth:

4. I had a good birth. I know this and am eternally grateful. But when the doctor came in and ticked a form labelled 'normal / uncomplicated' I wanted to smack him in the fucking face. I think they should change that'

(Hollie McNish / #NobodyToldMe)

@holliepoetry Totally. Nurse doing a recent smear for me asked me if I had a ‘normal’ birth. When I hesitated then said, “Ah, you mean ‘vaginal’ don’t you? I had a vaginal birth, but it was far from normal”, she was visibly stunned. This stuff is so entrenched. It erases women’s experiences.

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