Shazma Astle

Marketing & Development Manager

Shazma Astle (she/her) is the Marketing and Development Manager for Healthy You Ltd. She graduated at The University of Birmingham with a JH/BA in English Literature/Media, Culture and Society and then swiftly stepped into management roles there on. She has worked as a manager alongside famous chef Raymond Blanc and as a General Manager, Operations Manager and Brand Director with Piccolino and Restaurant Bar and Grill restaurants. Shazma has worked as a Brand Director for Individual Restaurants for the last 8 years with a focus of increasing sales, brand awareness and high profitability; she has 19 years of managerial experience within a sales driven work environment.

Shazma managed an annual turnover of £26M pounds and was responsible for all budgets concerning the Restaurant Bar and Grill brand. She also managed and worked closely with Individual Restaurants’ head office departments inclusive of Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Food Development, Beverage Development, and the loyalty app Club Individual. Shazma has always focused on the people within her business, where her management staff turnover was next to none over the last 15 years. Her aim has always been to grow the people that work within her teams, many of whom have now become great leaders within business themselves. She has excellent knowledge of business, sales, and marketing strategy, which she applies to her role with Healthy You Ltd. Shazma is currently studying a Diploma in Digital Marketing accredited by the Digital Marketing Association and works for the digital platform agency The Loyalty Co within their marketing team.