Dr Lizzie Taylor Buck

Art and Interpersonal Psychotherapist

Dr Lizzie Taylor Buck (she/her) is an Art Psychotherapist and Interpersonal Psychotherapist specialising in work with infants, young people and parents.  She combines clinical and academic roles in a Perinatal Mental Health Service and the University of Sheffield Mental Health Research Unit.

Lizzie has extensive experience of working with early relational trauma, adolescent depression, perinatal trauma and loss, postnatal depression, parent-child and parent-infant relationships. Focusing on how trauma impacts on interpersonal relationships acknowledging and validating emotions rather than judging or dismissing them, are key elements in her therapeutic approach.

Lizzie is an experienced trainer and supervisor with experience of developing and delivering national and international training.

Lizzie has a strong track record of peer-reviewed publications which cover infant outcomes in perinatal mental health; parent-child art therapy; and the use of patient reported outcome measures.

For a full list of peer-reviewed publications go to the Resources.