Karen Ledger

Leadership trainer & executive coach

Karen (she/her) is a leadership trainer and executive coach who works with individuals and groups to reach their potential through effective relationships to achieve high performance and fulfilment.  She believes that a satisfying personal and professional life should be available for everyone.  

Her work is underpinned by a philosophy of empathic understanding, honesty and respect for people to find their own skill and expertise.  She has had in depth training and experience which enables her to provide safety and support for people to work at the fringes of their awareness and in places where they are enriched and at times challenged in their emergence to where they want to be.  She combines a deeply empathic attitude with a dynamic style. As a coach and facilitator, she creates an environment of acceptance, transparency, tenderness, realism, and delight. 

Karen has over twenty years experience in a wide range of coaching, facilitation and senior team development interventions.  She designs and facilitates training programmes to meet the needs of her clients.  Her clients span the independent and public sectors and include cross boundary working with politicians.  She has worked with a range of individuals and teams, including Finance Departments, Executive Boards and Senior Management Teams.  Her work focuses on building effective relationships and communication to achieve high performance and fulfilment.  

She is an accredited NHS Executive Coach and has a contract with the NHS Leadership Academy Framework and sits on the executive Coaching Division of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.   Karen is a published author on leadership.