Dr Maame Afua Nikabs

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Maame (She/Her) is a highly regarded business leader and strategic advisor, empowering individuals, and organisations to reach their full potential. With a PhD in Linguistics from Queen Mary, University of London and being an academic fellow at Africa No Filter, she brings a unique blend of academic and practical experience to her clients and workshops. Maame also hosts the popular “Language Matters” podcast. 

Maame works with organisations to foster inclusive cultures where everyone feels valued and heard. She specialises in using language to enhance diversity and inclusion and minimize the impact of language-related biases on career outcomes. She helps organisations effectively reach and engage with their target audience, attract a diverse range of candidates, and develop and retain employees. 

As a Maxwell certified behavioural analysis trainer and mental fitness coach, Maame integrates these principles into her work to improve team performance, enhance wellbeing, and strengthen relationships.