Carolyn Mumby

Coach, Supervisor, Therapist, and Trainer

Carolyn (she/her) is a coach, supervisor, therapist, and trainer.  She works with leaders in the corporate, public and third sector to enable them to recognise and build on their unique strengths, develop their vision, and connect well with their teams and other stakeholders.  Coaching enables them to approach with challenge and compassion the very real challenges that they face to make their aspirations a reality.  Carolyn is also a licenced Time to Think Coach and Facilitator, knowing that the quality of everything we do is informed by the independent thinking and feeling that we do about it first.  She creates the conditions for people to think well for, and as, themselves with courage and creativity.   


Her early career was as a detached youth and community worker connecting with young people on the streets who were not using building-based provision.  She went on to train in counselling and to become a senior leader in a drug rehabilitation therapeutic community, then to develop a counselling service in a university and later to lead a counselling team working with young people in Inner London.  She led on developing quality standards and training for independent organisations part of a membership organisation for young people’s information advice and counselling services.   


As well as careers in counselling and coaching Carolyn has 30 years of training and facilitation experience in a wide range of settings from small independent projects to a high performing team in a fast-growing Tech company.  She designed and facilitated career development workshops for several years for a social enterprise working with senior leaders, a large proportion from the NHS, during maternity and shared parental leave. The programme supported participants to progress in big careers whilst juggling small children. 


Carolyn has seen immense benefits for clients through an integration of coaching and therapy. She was chair of bacp coaching division for 5 years and was recently a member of the bacp Expert Reference group developing competences for the integration of therapy and coaching.  She is a founder member of Coaching for Social Impact – a global, inclusive, diverse, and energetic community which aims to bring together anyone involved in coaching people for the social good in a supportive and collaborative network.  Carolyn has recently completed training in Polyvagal Theory – which the scientist Steven Porges defines as “The science of feeling safe enough to fall in love with life”.  


Carolyn is a published author of a chapter in the book Personal Consultancy – an integration of counselling and coaching, and she writes regularly for Coaching Today on this theme and other aspects of coaching practice and development.