Menopause workshop series – “conversations about menopause”

A series of workshops designed to inform and encourage discussion about the menopause for women, their line managers and their partners. The focus throughout relates to the impact the menopause has on life, work and relationships.

The workshops are informal and interactive and include education, information and advice based on the latest research. The sessions include management strategies with a particular focus on the psychological perspective and support.

Workshop 1:

Background to menopause including attitudes and perceptions, physical and psychological symptoms and health implications. Menopause at work is discussed including facts and figures exploring key issues affecting women in the workplace. Finally, self-management tips are given in the form of nutritional advice, sleep hygiene and practical tips for managing physical and psychological symptoms.

Workshop 2:

Psycho-education, information and advice for line managers focusing on the menopause at work model. Includes latest research, policy and guidelines on what women want from their workplace and how managers can help to understand and support them. Practical advice on environmental changes as well as key skill guidance on empathetic listening and signposting.


Powerful article illustrating the need for trauma informed maternity care. Look forward to seeing the new national guidelines on trauma informed maternity care currently being developed @BetterStartBpl @NHSEngland @birth_better

It doesn't take much to be nice to a new mum and it's heartbreaking when she doesn't feel safe with her midwife post birth Implicit bias has no place here (or anywhere), and standing as a witness so mum can enjoy her first day with her baby shouldn't be necessary #blackmumsmatter

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