Maternity Services


We have over 100 years of combined experience in providing services to support the maternity workforce.

Maternity Wellbeing & Leadership Programme

In March 2022, we launched our ‘Maternity Wellbeing & Leadership’ programme.  

This involves assessing workplace hazards and creating bespoke content to address these. A combination of leadership development, coaching sessions, workshops and support sessions, which cover a range of topics some of which include:

  • ➤Navigating difficult conversations
  • ➤Recognising & overcoming fear, stress, burnout & moral injury 
  • ➤Managing difficult work environments
  • ➤Creating psychological safety in teams
  • ➤Human factors in maternity
  • ➤Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in Maternity
  • ➤Compassionate & relational leadership
  • ➤Managing challenging interactions in teams
  • ➤Supporting staff through transitions

These programmes have had a positive impact on workplace culture, as well as supporting leaders and have equipped staff to develop psychological tools to navigate working in maternity.

Human Factors Training in Maternity

We have expertise in human factors and provide training to senior and junior staff. This covers a range of topics, some of which include situational awareness, family engagement and psychological safety to tackle behaviours in the workplace.  An integral part of this training is upholding civility in the workplace, which ensures staff are enabled to escalate clinical concerns. 

Nurturing Our Young

We offer a preceptorship and student programme to support their mental health and wellbeing, equipping them with tools to be fully prepared to have a fulfilling career within maternity.