Healthcare Leadership Programme (5 days)

Healthcare Leadership Programme (5 days)

The programme will be a mix of online and in-person workshops. It will also develop networks of experienced maternity leaders who can act as mentors and facilitators.

We aim to create a portfolio of diverse leaders with different skill sets and experience, working, leading and influencing across and beyond boundaries, thereby demonstrating the true context in which current Heads of Midwifery and system leaders are working.

Introduction to Human Factors Workshop

Human factors focus on how people interact with their work environment, including equipment, processes, and other people. After this workshop participants will have developed skills to improve communication, teamwork, and situational awareness, all of which can contribute to better patient outcomes and a safer work environment.

By developing these skills, you will be able to return to your workplace and identify potential hazards and have ways to mitigate them.


Managing and Challenging Upwards Workshop

Healthcare is a constantly evolving environment that requires effective management skills to adapt to changes while maintaining high-quality patient care. The aim of this workshop is to develop skills and confidence to communicate with senior management colleagues, including those at board level. Additionally, by the end of this programme participants will be able to know how to challenge upwards, raise concerns and advocate for necessary changes to improve patient care and working condition.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Culture Change Workshops

Developing leaders who are self-aware, have knowledge and skills to change working cultures and create environments were each person is respected, included, and valued is crucial to create places of safety for all. Following this workshop participants will have a greater understanding of themselves, their own biases, and ways to manage these, while creating inclusive, diverse, and equitable cultures.


Supporting the Workforce Workshop

Following this workshop, participants will have tools and techniques for helping them to support the challenges their workforces face. Additionally, participants will learn coping strategies to manage the pressures and challenges of their roles, helping them to develop resilience and reduce stress.


Compassionate Leadership Workshop

The content of this workshop focuses on compassionate leadership and developing the skills and knowledge to create leaders who can listen actively, show empathy, and create a supportive and caring work environment. focuses on developing empathy, understanding, and kindness, which are key qualities that can enhance leadership abilities and improve team performance.


Who is this Programme for?

This programme is for aspiring healthcare leaders, managers, or those who are early in their leadership career.


What is the time investment?

The programme is five working days, which are held every two weeks.


Cohort 1 - Leeds

25th September 2023 Introduction to Human Factors (online)

10th October 2023 Managing and Challenging Upwards (online)

25th October 2023 Supporting the Workforce (online)

9th November 2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Culture Change (in-person Leeds)

24th November 2023 Compassionate Leadership (in-person Leeds)

Cohort 2 - London

2nd October 2023 Introduction to Human Factors (online)

17th October 2023 Managing and Challenging Upwards (online)

1st November 2023 Supporting the Workforce (online)

16th November 2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Culture Change (in-person London)

1st December 2023 Compassionate Leadership (in-person London)

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