Aspiring Leaders Programme (Maternity)

Aspiring Leaders Programme (Maternity)

Healthy You Ltd are delighted to be able to offer a three-month programme that has been developed, with guidance from NHS England, focussed on equipping maternity workers to increase their strategic and operational ability to effectively lead across and upwards in organisations, and across systems. 

The programme will be a mix of online and in-person workshops and group coaching. It will also develop networks of experienced maternity leaders who can act as mentors and facilitators. We aim to create a portfolio of diverse leaders with different skill sets and experience, working, leading and influencing across and beyond boundaries, thereby demonstrating the true context in which current Heads of Midwifery and system leaders are working. 


Our team at Healthy You Ltd have successfully run this programme, since 2021 and have seen over 200 leaders in maternity complete it. Some feedback from the programme evaluation has been:

“The skills that I have developed on this programme have been instrumental in helping me be a compassionate leader. I have more confidence in my ability and deeper knowledge, as well as renewed energy in my role.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect on the programme.  The team are very knowledgeable and clearly have years of experience in this area. Two months into the programme, I felt confident to apply for a more senior position. The team at Healthy You supported me with it and I got the job!”

“This programme has been fun, challenging and brilliant to be part of. I’ve made a network of support that will carry me for the remainder of my career.”

“Very good programme all round, facilitators were really knowledgeable and showed great expertise. Great to speak to my peers across the country too.”

Aspiring Leaders Programme (Maternity)

Who is the programme for?

This programme is open to all senior maternity staff (above 8a), giving it an MDT focus. Valuable insights will be shared and learned from the MDT, including midwives, obstetricians, neonatologists, system leaders in maternity. There is robust mechanisms for connection and networking between aspiring maternity leaders nationally, as well as a strong focus on supporting self-awareness and strengthening resilience. In order to get as much out of the programme, we limit the number of people registered on it to 60 participants.

When will the programme run?

The programme will launch in October 2023. Workshops and coaching will run throughout October and November.  There will be a break in December, to allow for learning consolidation and will commence mid-January. It will complete in February 2024. The total time investment is 25 hours.

How much investment is the programme?

£2,750 (excl VAT)

What is the outline of the programme?

Workforce Planning Workshop

Strategic view of workforce modelling, and securing staff required in the medium and long term. Effective workforce planning in maternity services in a Trust. Use of Birthrate+ and other workforce planning tools to ensure safe number of midwives and application of professional judgement. 

Interview Preparation Workshop

Understanding the organisation and health economy you are applying to. Identifying the recruiters’ precise requirement. Preparing for interview. Managing your performance at interview.  Additionally, preparing for stakeholder interviews.

1 day

In person

Leeds OR London

Financial Confidence Workshop

Budget negotiation (within the organisation). SFI’s, budget setting and approval. Effective budget delegation. Budget reporting and performance management. Relating budget to contract income

3 hours


Managing & Challenging Upwards Workshop

Basic board reporting requirements. Statutory responsibilities for reporting to the board. Making an impact with the board, and within maternity services more broadly. Maintaining the profile of maternity services. Managing board members.

3 hours


Maternity Safety and Quality Workshop

Safety standards, quality assurance framework, and how these should be applied and monitored. How to assess whether their teams are psychologically safe, and ways to create psychologically safe cultures for staff and patients they care for. 

3 hours


Self-Care Workshop

Signs of burnout, compassion fatigue, moral injury, and psychological trauma, in themselves (and others). Ways to optimise their wellbeing, enabling them to lead teams effectively. How they respond to change, particularly at times of uncertainty.  Psychological tools to help themselves (and to develop skills to provide psychological support to their teams)

3 hours


Compassionate Leadership Workshop

Learning to facilitate change with individuals, teams, and their organisation, and psychologically ‘hold’ their teams when challenges and uncertainty present, creating stress, worries, and anxiety in others. Compassionate and relational models of leadership, and ways to apply these with their teams.  Providing a role model for others. Providing psychologically safe learning environments for maternity services teams.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop

Understanding own biases. How to embed DEI into teams and maternity organisations, at each level and integrate into policies.  Ways to measure this.  Addressing when DEI isn’t part of the workplace culture and how to change this. How to change cultures, e.g. bullying, safety, discriminative. Creating positive working cultures.

1 day

In person

Leeds OR London

Group coaching sessions (up to 4 people)

Four sessions of coaching: one 60-minute introductory session, and three 90-minute sessions throughout the programme.

All coaching sessions are online and dates will be confirmed before the programme commences.

MindYourself App

During your self-care workshop, you will be provided with a code to access a 6 month membership of our app, which prevents the escalation of mental health challenges for workers who are short on time, navigating challenging environments. 


Cohort 1 - Leeds

2nd October 2023 Compassionate Leadership & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (in-person)

10th October 2023 Managing & Challenging Upwards (online)  

9th November 2023 Self-Care (online)

18th January 2024 Financial Confidence (online)

31st January 2024 Workforce Planning & Interview Preparation (in-person)

13th February 2024 Maternity Safety & Quality (online)  

Cohort 2 - London

9th October 2023 Compassionate Leadership & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (in-person)

18th October 2023 Managing & Challenging Upwards (online)

16th November 2023 Self-Care (online)

25th January 2024 Financial Confidence (online)

7th February 2024 Workforce Planning & Interview  

27th February 2024 Preparation (in-person) Maternity Safety & Quality (online)

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    Date:     2nd October 2023

    Location:Online & In person

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    Price:        £2750 (+VAT)

    All coaching sessions are online and dates will be confirmed before the programme commences. 

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