We provide workshops and ongoing support for managers and leaders working across aviation, to help them manage the demands and stresses of their role. 


Workshops we provide include:


Stress Management in Aviation

Aviation managers and leaders often face high levels of stress due to the nature of their work. In this online 3-hour workshop they will learn techniques and strategies to cope with stress and develop their resilience to feel better able to manage their role. 


Crisis Management Support

In this workshop those working across aviation will learn ways to manage when supporting those experiencing crises, such as accidents, security incidents or natural disasters. This would include learning crisis communication and emotional support for staff and customers. 


Leadership Development

Our team at Healthy You Ltd have extensive experience in designing and delivering leadership programmes. These can be tailored to individual organisations and include a mix of workshops, action learning sets and coaching sessions.  Following our leadership programmes participants have developed extensive skills and knowledge and have been more confident in leading their teams and organisation. 


Menopause for Managers

In this workshop, managers will learn about the experiences of individuals experiencing peri/menopausal symptoms and techniques to support them. Following this workshop managers will be better able to engage in supportive conversations with their female colleagues and know where to provide additional support. 


Supporting Workers with Fertility & Birth

For many people their fertility journey can be fraught with challenges. Additionally, pregnancy and birth might not go as expected. Healthy You Ltd have extensive experience in supporting individuals and organisations in these areas.  Following this workshop, managers will be more knowledgeable about the experiences workers might face across their fertility journey and birth.  They will be more skilled in supporting them while they are at work, or when they are returning to work.  


Bespoke Workshops

We are aware that every organisation is different and there might be specific areas that your team would like support with.

More information

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