Support for Women and/or Partners

Dr Jan Smith leads the Birth Trauma Service, and has had extensive experience in supporting clients who have experienced trauma, which might have resulted in birth loss, or injuries to mum/baby. She is also experienced in supporting clients through each stage of the litigation process.

After 3-4 months some symptoms of trauma resolve for some women, but for others this is not the case and they need support to help them work through their experience. If you feel like you are either re-living aspects of your birth, struggle to ‘shake off’ a part of your experience, are overly anxious, are finding it difficult to bond with your baby, or feel ‘stuck’, you might benefit from some psychological support to help you through this experience.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy for women who experienced their childbirth as traumatising. Men are often the birth partner, and it can feel difficult for them to know how to support their partner living with the traumatic experience. Also, men might feel traumatised by what they witnessed during the birth and/or postnatally. We offer individual sessions to support men also.


Having a baby at any stage of life can potentially change the dynamics of a couple’s relationship. However, this can be further complicated when either partner (or both) feel traumatised as a result of childbirth. Some couples find it helpful to come to therapy together, as it is a safe space where they can gain greater insight into their partner’s perspective, and find a different way to move forward.


Some women find group support particularly beneficial, not only as a way to process their experience, but also to meet other’s who have shared similar experiences.

We offer two groups, both of which are experiential psychological interventions, which are for 2 hours each week, over a 12-week period. They are deliberately kept small (4-5 women max), so those attending feel secure and safe to engage in therapy and share their experiences.

  • ‘Healing After Birth’ is a group for women who experienced their birth as traumatic. It is based on the framework of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and helps women accept the difficult thoughts related to their experience, and pursue actions, which they value. It also covers topics such as: Understanding Trauma; Bonding with Your Baby; Reclaiming your Relationship; and Getting Pregnant Again.
  • ‘Grieving Your Loss’ is a group for women who have experienced early birth loss in pregnancy, stillbirth, and loss in the first few months of life. It covers topics such as: Grief; Regaining Trust; Forgiveness; and Getting Pregnant Again.

Please see the Upcoming Events Section for more information when these groups are running. Referrals can be made via the Contact Us page or emailing [email protected] We accept self-referrals or those from healthcare professionals, case managers or litigation staff.


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