Serious Injury/Clinical Negligence

Serious Injury/Clinical Negligence

We provide psychological input to those who have sustained psychological injury as a result of road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, violent assaults and clinical negligence. We offer individual and couple therapy, applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Somatic Therapy.

Dr Jan Smith leads the Birth Trauma Service, and has extensive experience in supporting clients who have experienced trauma, which might have resulted in birth loss, psychological injuries to mum/birthing partner, physical injuries to mum, or brain injury to baby. She is also experienced in supporting clients through each stage of the litigation process.

We are also able to provide MDT consultation. Understandably, a number of families struggle to adjust to their child having sustained a brain injury and/or disability. This process for families can often be difficult to navigate through. We provide support to families helping them through their litigation process, whilst supporting their child’s rehabilitation goals. We also provide support and training to carer’s and teams who provide rehabilitation to children, to help them understand the elements of parental adjustment involved for families at each stage of the rehabilitation process.


Jan works with several of my clients – and those of colleagues. We have worked closely together on an extremely challenging case with a wonderful client of mine, who has suffered life changing physical and psychological trauma following the birth of her child. Jan brings such warmth, understanding, patience and empathy to her work. She truly listens to her clients’ needs and I have witnessed first-hand the way in which she improves the lives of all those she touches. She doesn’t push clients and is acutely aware of not re traumatising them. Through her patient and skilful approach Jan succeeds where other professionals just haven’t. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Suzanne Munroe, Director of Clinical Negligence, Switalskis Solicitors

“We came to see Jan feeling totally desperate. We were three years down the road of grief, following the death of our baby due to medical negligence. We didn’t know how we could ever consider having another baby again. Jan’s gentleness, patience and skill brought us to a place, where the days seemed a little brighter and we could think a little clearer. 12 months later we were pregnant. We were so anxious during the pregnancy and after. Again, Jan was there supporting us emotionally every step of the way, and giving us practical ways to make this pregnancy and birth as different to the previous. We honestly can’t thank her enough. She is such a huge part of both our daughter’s stories- the one that died and our rainbow baby”.

Couple who experienced stillbirth


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