Psychological Training

We provide training to numerous organisations to support staff mental wellbeing. Some of these topics include: ‘Preventing Burnout’, ‘Addressing Compassion Fatigue’, ‘Preventing Trauma in Teams’, ‘Caring for our Colleagues’ and ‘Managing Stress’. We also are able to offer support with Business Cases requiring funding for training.

The Chief Midwifery Office for England commissioned Healthy You Ltd to create, facilitate and oversee the roll out of the ‘Psychological Boost Training for Professional Midwifery Advocates’. These 3-hour workshops were attended by 800 NHS midwives across England and included practical strategies to prevent and recognise the signs of compassion fatigue, moral injury, burnout, and trauma in staff and their colleagues, as well as creating psychologically safe workplaces.

Some of the testimonials from participants attending were:

“Having experienced moral injury followed by PTSD, this session has helped me immeasurably. My experience has prompted me to train as a PMA and this course should be funded for all staff nationally, so many HCP’s leaving their professions not understanding the full impact work related trauma has had on them”

“… I really do not prioritise myself at all and end up feeling very cynical and exhausted. This was such a good part of the training and reminds me of the importance of self-care”

“This was an amazing and really appreciated opportunity. The combination of theory and practical exercises and takeaway self-care was good and I will certainly utilise this. The hidden message of being valued meant a lot. Thank you”

“This has been the first valuable gift from the NHS in the last 38 years! Perfect, Is there more available?”.

Healthy You Ltd is proud to be the leading provider for NHS England and NHS Improvement to provide ‘Psychological Boost Training for Professional Nursing Advocates’. Over 5,000 nursing staff will attend workshops enabling them to recognise signs of compromised mental wellbeing in themselves and their colleagues. They will gain skills to help them in their role as PNA’s to provide support to colleagues. This is particularly vital given the impact covid-19 has had on the mental wellbeing of healthcare professionals.


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